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1964 Ears Interview with CTO and co-owner Vitaliy Belonozhko.

1964 Ears is an independent custom in-ear monitor company based out of Portland, Oregon.  The company was started to help local Churches and Christian musicians afford quality custom in-ear monitors and is quickly becoming one of the most popular companies in the industry. 

WL mag: What made you decide to start a company making in-ear monitors?

1964: Both my wife and I are musicians and interestingly enough the first thing that prompted my endeavor into making custom in-ears was the need that arose from my wife to get a pair for her stage use. We looked around at all the popular custom in ear monitor (IEM) manufacturers and were either dissuaded by the high prices or low quality product. I have been fascinated with and studied IEM technology for many years before this happened. So I started researching the custom IEM manufacturing process and spent a good deal of time doing R&D with a vast array of materials and balanced armature configurations until I found the ones that sounded best.

WL mag: What are some of the values that 1964 has as a company?

1964: Our biggest value from a manufacturing side is making sure we provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.  From a practical standpoint, we strive to make sure everything we do is done with integrity, remembering that we must “Do all things as unto Christ”. This mindset truly applies to all our business practices.

WL Mag: When you are working on a new product, what are the key things you have in mind?

1964: We love creating new things! We always want to make sure a new product is truly that- NEW! So we set out to make a better product than what we have and see what other sort of applications we can find for this specific model. The IEM market is full of new prospects in innovation and we are excited to dive into all of those as we continue to grow.

WL Mag: How do you feel your products fit into a church/worship setting?

1964: As I mentioned before, I am a musician and sound engineer, so a lot of my personal contacts are musicians. Our current duals, triples and quads are tuned specifically for live use. When we tuned them, we made sure to give them a smooth sound signature so that ear fatigue wouldn’t be an issue (since live performers usually wear them for long periods of time). We also made sure to compensate for the bass loss that you would feel when moving off wedge monitors.

WL Mag: In your opinion, what sets 1964 apart from other IEM companies?

1964: We really strive to keep manufacturing costs down to be able to present the most affordable alternatives to our customers. Most budget IEM companies are known to have poor service and/or products.  If you try us out, you’ll see that we in no way compromise quality or customer service.

WL Mag: What would you like your customers to know/remember about your products?

1964: After using our products, we want people to feel that they have now experienced music in a different way. We want them to prefer their IEMs to floor wedges, because now the sound in their ears  is full of clarity and warmth even on a noisy, resonant stage.  We started this business to help local Christian musicians/churches be able to afford custom IEMs and we continue to keep that our focus. Because of that, we love to offer church discounts.

1964-T Triple Driver Review

         The 1964-T Triple driver is everything you could ever want in an in-ear monitor.  Crystal-clear highs make the triple driver a perfect option for vocalists and guitar players, while the massive bass response makes bass and drums feel huge on stage.  The triple driver has a balanced mid-range with a slight boost at the top end and incredible bass response.  Fully customizable ambient ports give the option for slight to full live bleed to experience the stage noise as well.  Custom artwork is available with every pair of in-ear monitors as well as any color scheme you could imagine.  1964 customer service is unparalleled and the build time and pricing is very reasonable.  At just $400, the triple driver is not only one of the most affordable in-ear monitors in its class but also one of the best sounding custom molds on the market.  For any musician, the triple-driver is a perfect option for custom molded in-ear monitors.  

- Andy Toy

For more information about 1964 ears visit their website 1964ears.com.  To demo any product, or information about endorsements or church discounts contact alex@1964ears.com

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    One comment on “1964 Ears

    1. I am a worship leader in Abilene tx and got my 1964t about 4 months ago. I absolutely love them and couldn’t imagine using anything else. For the price, there a must have if you lead worship regularly. I kinda wish I would have added the ambient port so that I could hear a little more presence in the room, but I added a room mic and I’m good to go now!

      Great product!

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