9 comments on “20 Interesting Facts About You

  1. This is great!! What a neat survey, so well presented! Very interesting to see the results.. We are all in this together, but Martin guitars really are better, sorry. ;-)

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  3. very nice survey, one thing that i saw here that i already knew in my mind but didnt what to admit is that ONLY 11% of leaders listen exclusively to Christian music. Only that? Really people?!? Come on! And you wonder then why the church is the way it is!? If our own leaders live like the world, then why are we surprised that the church is asleep and that there is no revival?! This is isad. And embarrassing. I’m tired of this, wake up and be different! Extreme ! Radical! Be the church, the true church, not just a weekend circus that plays church and sugar coats everything. There is no time for this Jesus is coming soon! If we are cold or warm he will Spit us out! Depart from me doers if iniquity!

    That’s all I will say for now.

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