Come Down O Love Divine – Fernando Ortega
WL Quick Tip: Mining the sacred hymns of the Renaissance, Ortega brings a deeper history to the typical “hymn” project and also adds enough of his meditative style to encourage beauty and reflection in anyone that engages. Amongst the vast ... MORE
The Irresistible Church
Every church leader would love for his church to be irresistible, drawing crowds of people whenever the doors are open. But Wayne Cordeiro believes that if a church really wants to be irresistible to people, it must first become irresistible ... MORE
Song Craft: Story Songs Earlier on this year, I suggested that writing the lyrics for a congregational song can best be viewed the same way we approach making an argument: what is the point I am trying to make? And ... MORE
Blessed Assurance
The Life of Hymn Writer Fannie J. Crosby“Blessed Assurance” is by far one of the most loved and best known of American hymns. The power of its lyrics remind us of the inner witness and ministry of the Holy Spirit ... MORE
Hall Research SC-1080H
Video scalers allow several different lower resolution inputs to be brought up to a single, uniform up-converted signal. In the SC-1080H, Hall Research has embraced the reluctant trend toward HDMI as a useable pro standard, despite the numerous technical challenges ... MORE