5 New Devotionals for the New Year

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Devotionals not only baptize us in Scripture and prayer, but often are the catalyst for deeper study and reflection. Here are a few of this year’s offerings:

fixing-my-eyes-on-jesus-daily-moments-in-his-word1Fixing My Eyes on Jesus: Daily Moments in His Word
Anne Graham Lotz offers reflections on Jesus and teaches us about walking out our faith. Because of the clarity and simplicity of her presentation, this would be a great gift for a new believer, or anyone in need of straight talk about living out the gospel. It’s a refresher course on God’s heart and character, an answer book for tough questions, a defibrillator for hardened hearts, and a new set of spectacles to aid in fixing your eyes on Jesus.





All To Jesus1All to Jesus
Sometimes the smallest word can contain a big impact. Robert J. Morgan realized how often the word ‘all’ pops up in the Bible, so he began to research its many appearances. The result is a collection of 365 devotions which focus on a verse containing, and often highlighting, the word “all.” Morgan’s writing is so well crafted and meaningful that it is difficult to stop at just one page a day. He has done Christians a great service by proving that just a little time reflecting on a verse or two can reap big spiritual benefits. “All” church leaders should encourage “all” of their congregants to read “all” of All to Jesus




Unglued Devotional1Unglued Devotional (60 Days of Imperfect Progress)
The title gives a hint at Lysa Teurkeurst’s plainspoken, culturally and spiritually relevant material. Terkeurst is transparent, comforting, confrontational, honest, funny, confessional, and insightful. She speaks the language of our culture and lays down truth that connects with authentic needs as she calls us to active engagement with God and reality. Pithy thoughts for each day, Scripture, prayer and relatable stories pull you from page to page; getting called out on your stuff has never been so engaging, entertaining, or helpful.





One Thousand Gifts1One Thousand Gifts Devotional
One Thousand Gifts
Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You has captured the imagination of readers around the world and started a movement of intentionally looking at each event, environment, relationship, and circumstance with thanksgiving to God, and an awareness of his grace. Voskamp’s longer, emotionally and visually dense chapters from the original book are presented in manageable bites in One Thousand Gifts Devotional, much of the material in the present incarnation is carved from the original book, with the new form truly facilitating devotion, prayer and contemplation.




Daily GIfts Of Hope1Daily Gifts of Hope
The Women of Faith have a history of delivering meaningful and Scriptural devotional material that is born out of the writers’ (Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Lisa Harper, Marilyn Meberg, and Sandi Patty) everyday struggles as each looks to God for answers and then births hope in other women … and men.

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