A New Liturgy #5: Here Are My Hands

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a-new-liturgy-190Aaron Niequist
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Aaron Niequist’s self-proclaimed New Liturgy is just that. From the opening prayer of “Take my Hands” to “Forgiveness” with overtures and reprises the orchestration and prayers offer up tradition and “Doxology” with drones and strings that are a connection that blends Beethoven like piano standards such as “Nothing but the Blood” with the common theme of “Here are my Hands” and the riveting vocal of Becky Johnson Ykema on “Take my Life and Let it Be”.

When the narrator expresses worship through “Confession” you can’t help but be drawn into the experience as it may have been intended to be. A refreshing liturgy and menagerie of music that is both awe-inspiring and cinematic while paying homage to hymns that is reverent without losing touch with the contemporary 

More: “Here are my Hands” with dramatic strings and piano with vulnerable lyrics and voice that cry out for the symphonic stage but could easily be translated to the daily commute to wherever life is taking you. 

Less: Not much to say here, the artists may have achieved exactly what they wanted with this project.

Darryl Bryant
4 Stars 

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