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Timeline | Mission & Resources | Team | FAQ
Mission: Believing that God is the Audience of our worship, we provide a trusted community in our changing world, gathering the collective wisdom of a network of leaders and practitioners across the worship spectrum to foster enriched relationship, inspired communication, practical skills, responsible stewardship, and creative excellence.
Resources: Worship Leader is a resource for the curators of worship—pastors, worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, sound and visual techs, technology stewards, artists—always pointing them toward the one true worship leader, Jesus Christ, through theological, multimedia, and educational tools.

More than 30,000 church leaders rely on Worship Leader to provide biblical wisdom and best practices for worship, and added educational and congregational resources since 1992.

-          Worship Leader magazine

Song DISCovery
Delivering transforming and accessible new songs to the Church in an enhanced CD-ROM (mp3s, sheets, charts, PPTs, MediaShout), bundled with each issue of Worship Leader.

-          Song DISCovery

National Worship Leader Conference is the most comprehensive worship conference available–ministering to and drawing from faith traditions around the world–and is the premier gathering place for pastors, worship leaders, worship teams, and media teams.

-          National Worship Leader Conference

Song DISCovery Creative Conference
Birthed from the highly successful Song DISCovery in the Round one-day event for songwriters, Song DISCovery Creative Conference is now a two-day event for songwriters, authors, and visual artists with FREE add-ons (e.g., one-on-one’s for artists and publishers).

-          Song DISCovery Creative Conference

Worship Leader Training Center
One-hour classes geared to provide leaders of worship with the tools of leadership available to you and your team as individual downloads or to stream the entire collection with the annual pass

-          Downloads: individual webinars
Annual Pass: stream all webinars WL Archives / SDVault
Membership is FREE to subscribers to access the Worship Leader archives (20 years of magazines) and Song DISCovery Vault (searchable database of the congregationally ready songs).



Timeline | Mission & Resources | Team | FAQ
CEO/PUBLISHER: Chuck Fromm | Chuck[at]  
Jeremy Armstrong | Jeremy[at]
Andrea Hunter | Andrea[at]
Katie Finley | Katie[at]
Warren Anderson, Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown, J. Robert Clinton, Maggi Dawn, Craig Detweiler, Jeff Deyo, Carlton Dillard, Stan Endicott, Susan Fontaine Godwin, Shaun Groves, Tony Guerrero, Debby Kerner Rettino, Reggie Kidd, Roberta King, Greg Laurie, Hughes Oliphant Old, Andy Park, Matt Redman, Robb Redman, Jason Ritchie, Mark Roberts, Lin Sexton, Martin Smith, Brian Steckler, Laura Story, Rick Warren, Rory Noland
Phil Sillas | Phil[at]
Jeremy Armstrong, Bob Arnold, Edgar Black, Beth Day, Carlton Dillard, Keith Ekgin, Gord Evans, Kevin Goldstein, Mandy Goon, Alex Hagerman, Christopher Hart, Doug Henkelman, Michelle Jordan, Wally Jordan, Jason Klein, Jay D Locklear, Josh Lopez, Mickeal McCool, Miriam Meglan, Gary Portell, Wes Schmunk, Ben Schoffmann, Phil Sillas, Debra Stacey, David Thompson, Andy Toy, Wendy Wills, Cindy Wilt Colville, Todd Wright
Suzie Stablein | Suzie[at]
Daniele Kimes | Daniele[at]
SALES & MARKETING COORDINATOR: Alissa Smith | Alissa[at]
Nicole Fromm | Nicole[at]
Judi Coffin | Judi[at]


Timeline | Mission & Resources | Team | FAQ

How can I start a subscription to Worship Leader and/or Song DISCovery?
Worship Leader magazine (8 issues/year): US $24.95/year; Canada $31.95/year; Foreign $40.95/year
Song DISCovery (8 CD-ROMs & 8 issues/year): US $59.95/year; Canada/Foreign $79.95/year
Click here to start your subscription

How often are Worship Leader magazine and Song DISCovery published?
Worship Leader magazine is published bi-monthly (except monthly in May, June, September, and October) by Worship Leader Partnership (8 issues per year). The Worship Leader “Best of the Best” is released October of each year.

Song DISCovery CD-ROMs are bundled with each issue of Worship Leader magazine (8 CD-ROMs & 8 issues per year).

What is included in a subscription to Song DISCovery?
Song DISCovery is an enhanced CD-ROM sent with Worship Leader magazine, showcasing 12-15 of the latest worship songs from labels, churches, and independent artists, and including each song’s PowerPoint & MediaShout files, and lead sheets & chord charts in 3 keys. Plus membership to the Song DISCovery Vault is FREE.

When will I receive my first issue or issue and CD-ROM?
Please allow 4-6 weeks for your first copy of Song DISCovery and/or Worship Leader to arrive.
Click here to check the status of your subscription account

When does my subscription expire? / How do I change my address on my account? / How can I activate my login with my subscription?
For 24/7 account service, please visit

For other inquiries, 888.881.5861 (U.S.) 714.226.9782 (International)

What is the address for Worship Leader?
Our offices are located at:

32234 Paseo Adelanto, Ste. A
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

How can I submit an article to Worship Leader magazine?
Worship Leader magazine only accepts unsolicited articles for the web, published on a gratis basis. Please send finished articles to

How do I submit a song to Song DISCovery?
To submit song(s) for possible inclusion on a Song DISCovery CD-ROM, send song(s) with lyric sheet(s) using the web form here or by email to

Are there any back issues available?
Some popular issues are available. Email a request with your name and delivery address to

What are the available advertising and sponsorship opportunities?
Contact Daniele Kimes: 615.866.9232 or
Click here to review the Media Kit

When and where are the upcoming Worship Leader events?
Click here to view all upcoming events

Do you grant permission to copy an article or web post from Worship Leader magazine?
We grant duplication permission for up to 100 copies of an article for free distribution in a local church. Please include the following copyright information on the photocopy:
Copyright © 2011 by Worship Leader Media. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
For any other quantity or use, email

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