A Creation Liturgy

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Creativity abounds in Gungor’s most recent release, A Creation Liturgy. This live compilation was created from special moments on Gungor’s 2012 Ghosts Upon the Earth Spring Tour. Thick with metaphor and loaded with diverse styles, this music is an exciting and refreshing expression of the wonders and mysteries of the earth, where God can be seen in and through his creation, and can be praised despite pain. Gungor’s music truly cannot be pinned to a single style; rather their eclectic sounds include a wide instrumentation including banjo, glockenspiel, flute, and harmonium brought alongside more traditional pop rock instruments such as drums, bass, and guitars. Encompassing everything from bluegrass banjo to Baroque-inspired guitar licks, from delicate vocals to rock and roll blues, A Creation Liturgy finds its cohesiveness in Gungor’s amazingly talented artists and unique sound.

More: Gungor is the exemplar of artistic ability, musical innovation, and stylistic diversity whose live music creates a distinctive and inspiring musical experience.

Less: While Gungor beautifully incorporates some time tested hymns and themes of creation into A Creation Liturgy, some of their plush metaphors and lyrics may push the limits of traditional orthodox Christian theology, especially in regards to theories of creation.

4 stars
Amanda Furbeck

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