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Carry Me



Artist: Josh Wilson
Label: Sparrow Records
Street Date: April 5, 2013

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Carry Me is Josh Wilson’s fourth record with Sparrow. He leads out with “Pushing Back The Dark,” a powerful declaration and call to let your light shine (Mt 5:16). The title song was born out of Josh’s personal struggle with panic attacks. He made the choice to trust God’s goodness in his life and declare the truth of God’s Word in faith. “Carry Me” and “Faith Is Not a Feeling” are both cries of faith in the midst of Josh’s dark night of the soul. “I See God In You” will touch your heart as this story unfolds to challenge you to see the broken lives that God can heal if we stay tender to his leading. “Grace Enough For You” is full of the Gospel! “Wake Me Up” is a prayer of desperation to God who raises us from death to life. This record is a new level of Great. These songs are so rich with truth and full of life and God’s grace.

“What A Mystery” is a musically light and fun song that celebrates the goodness of God’s creation and plan. “Let There Be Light,” “Here I Am Anyway,” “Symphony” and “What I See Now” dive into the richness of God’s love and grace for us. “One Safe Soul” is a beautiful and inspiring song written for his wife.

This is one of the best and well-rounded records released in a long time. A definite recommend for personal worship record with “Pushing Back The Dark,” “Carry Me,” “I See God In You,” or “Wake Me Up” as potential sermon openers.

More: From top to bottom this is an excellent record.

Less: It’s only 12 songs. We need more.

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Jay Akins


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