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Glory to God, NCU Worship



Artist: NCU Worship Live
Label: North Central University
Street Date: March 21, 2013

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Glory to God is the latest live worship album birthed out of the College of Fine Arts at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 14-track album was recorded live over three consecutive days in the university’s chapel and features notable worship artist and resident faculty member Jeff Deyo. The album is packed with original songs from university students, faculty, and alumni and sure to be welcomed by modern worship teams looking for songs of adoration and admiration to add to their repertoires.

Sounds Like:
Glory to God carries songs in the style of Hillsong United/Desperation Band, but has tender moments of free worship that are suggestive of the sweetest moments of a Jesus Culture live experience. From driven songs such as “Exhilaration,” and “We Delight” to slower more focused songs of adoration like “Your Love” and “So Good,” Glory to God delivers 12 brand new songs designed with God at the center.

The album has a balance of songs for both female and male leaders in appropriate keys, as well as songs that can be easily bounced from one voice to another. The lyrics are deeply-based on Scripture, yet passionately simple. “Eternity” even finds a justifiable reason for singing “Woah!” as a humble response to exclamations of God’s majesty. Songs like “So Good” create tender moments of free worship while the album’s title song “Glory to God” has the lyrics, sound, and feel of an instant contemporary classic in its chorus.

A Little More:
North Central University develops and encourages worship leaders/artists through many outlets and ministries on campus. In addition to Worship Live, the university utilizes the North Central University Concert Chorale as well as its Christian group “One Accord” to make the name of God famous through its music. Each of these different avenues of creative worship expression offer Glory—and glorious music—To God under the direction of Jeff Deyo and the College of Fine Arts Dean, Larry Bach.

 4 Stars
Jason Whitehorn


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