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Artist: Covenant Worship
Label: Covenant Church/Integrity
Street Date: July 1, 2014
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pening with a heavy clanging guitar drive is pretty much the only worship cliché on this otherwise outstanding release from Covenant Church in Texas. The worship on Kingdom is powerful, infectious, and musically incredible. The songs are congregational, and they cross multiple cultural divides. Basically this is one of the best worship releases of the year. It’s no surprise that Israel Houghton was at the production helm of this offering.

The Covenant worship team is led by David Binion, Nicole Binion, Joshua Dufrene, and Colin Edge with Houghton showing up as well on a few of the tracks. One of the fruits of the Spirit is sadly lacking in many worship releases: joy … and Kingdom is brimming with it. Whether we are rejoicing with “Let the redeemend of the Lord say so,” or shouting, “Hallelujah / Jesus be lifted higher / We serve a risen savior,” the joy is palpable in this relelase.

With such a diversity of sound and lyrical breadth and depth, it’s tough to pin a single theme to this record, which is why the chosen title was probably a good move. Truly his Kingdom is filled with new mercies every morning, the movement of the Holy Spirit, it knows no end, it makes all things new, and in it we can stand wholly unashamed. Since those are just a few of the proclamational prayers raised on this Kingdom, we can say it is saturated with the truths of God’s Kingdom.

Sounds like: It sounds like the kingdom of God in musical form—multi-instrumentation, multicultures, multi-musical-approaches, multi-voices.


Top Songs
Most Singable:
“Kingdom Come”

Strongest Biblical Content: “New Every Morning” (Lam 3:22-23)

The Whole Package: “Risen”



-Jeremy Armstrong




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