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Love Lead the Way, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir



Artist: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Label: Brooklyn Tabernacle Music
Street Date: April 9, 2013
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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is directed by Carol Cymbala and has won five Dove Awards and six Grammy Awards. The 280-voice choir is a diverse ensemble that has received immeasurable accolades, and to top it off they performed “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” at President Obama’s second inauguration. The hymn is more than a part of United States history. The glorious and haunting lyrics that reverberated through the ceremony by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir served as a reminder that worship is threaded throughout many historical events even if they are absent from school textbooks. Love Lead the Way is a powerful discourse in blending the future with the past in an authentic and meaningful way.

“Oh How We Love You” and “Breathe” are the pinnacle points in orchestration and vocal excellence of Love Lead the Way. The choir, drawing from the multiracial Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation, weaves power with subtlety in ways that honor the gospel tradition while “Let Your Kingdom Come” and the title track “Love Lead the Way” embraces contemporary sensibilities that find a way of allowing a give and take between the song and listener.

“Working It Out” is a classic foot stomping gospel tune that comes at just the right time and leaves just enough room for the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” to make you search the archives for the lyrics of a song that once defined a nation at war with itself. Be warned, the chilling and powerful lyrics are performed with perfection by a “choir” that truly defines the word. The arrangements throughout the album are outstanding. If you don’t have a high-quality sound system, try and get ahold of some better-than-average headphones to get the full experience.

More: Songs like, “Let God Arise” that pulsate with energy and harmonies that cause you to really listen to the music actively. “I Won’t Go Back” also reminds us why choirs are relevant and a force that can bring worship to the forefront of excellence.

Less: Nothing to say here but go to the website and listen for yourself.

4.5 stars
Darryl Bryant


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