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Right when it seems like most worship records are overwhelming us with volume and power, All Sons & Daughters comes in like a refreshing whisper of a prayer; their eponymous release lets quiet and grace fill the sonic space, and the result is the power of intimacy with the Creator of all things. With the now familiar ASAD enchanting sound, David Leonard and Leslie Jordan create a tapestry of music with their gentle voices lacing together to do the double job of creating beauty and center the focus of our hearts in worship of our great God.

The strength of All Sons & Daughters is the fluidity of the songs; they seem to flow into themselves then exit to the next track with a single motion that swells and recedes as if the motion of the sea was supporting the entire effort. And as sure as we get full swings of emotion and passion as in “Great Are You Lord” we are also offered rest in simple and meditative worship songs such as “Almighty God,” where Jordan channels an old school Norah Jones country-jazz tone. As can be expected from the duo, ASAD is directed to God and is completely useful in many worship settings. The obvious standout is “Great Are You Lord,” introduced to us in the Live record, but almost as strong are “Christ Be All Around Me” and “We Give You Thanks.” The former takes the ancient Lorica of St. Patrick and beautifully renews it as a prayer for today’s worshiper to be the living representation of our Savior, and the latter grasps one of the essential tenants of worship—that of singing with thanksgiving in our hearts.

As a break in the maddening rush of pulsing music and even more so as a worship oriented music offering with stunning quality of lyric and melody, All Sons & Daughters is a wonderful achievement and a gift to the Church.

Sounds Like: Mellow alt-country trappings with Norah Jones-esque calmness that swells at times to powerful crescendo.

Top Songs:
Most Singable:
“Christ Be All Around Me”

Strongest Biblical Content: “God With Us” (Ps 46:7; Mt 1:23)

The Whole Package: “Great Are You Lord”


Jeremy Armstrong
5 stars

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    4 comments on “All Sons & Daughters

    1. Over the last couple of years, this has become my favorite Christian band/duo/worship team.. or however you want to label them. Their light yet powerful and moving songs/arrangements are a nice departure from typical. Another nice thing is that they are just as good live if not better.

      • Totally agree, Sean L. Phenomenal in a live setting. These two just keep pumping out great songs for the church. I’m excited for Christ Be all Around me as a congregational song. I think it’s excellent. And our church already knows and sings Great are You Lord and God with Us REALLY LOUD. They’re such easy songs to engage with and sing with passion. Great writers, these two…


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