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1-All Things NewcoverAll Things New
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3.5 Stars

All Things New is a fresh band that crosses Sanctus Real, Mike’s Chair, and Chris Tomlin territory for an emphasis on both personal listening and the occasional congregational worship song. They declare God’s faithfulness and love in the midst of life’s difficulties and desperation, affirming that God does indeed make all things new.

On their self-titled debut, the pop-rock quartet (with acoustic shading) pours out a deep hunger to know God and offers grateful celebration for his goodness. The lyrics on “Borderline” are an evocative cry from someone whose passion for God has waned and feels separated from him—“I want to cross the borderline between your heart and mind.”

“Keep Me on My Knees” displays the perspective found in songs such as Laura Story’s “Blessings,” a willingness to surrender to God and to see his hand in our lives, even in-and-through difficult circumstances. “Hold On” is a perfect proclamation for generations living in the midst of relational uncertainty. Deftly encompassing Scripture, this could be sung in a youth or mixed-generation modern service, as could “Washed Over Me,” a song of God’s saving grace. Ditto for “In Your Reach,” a standout with a rootsy Mumford-and-Sons-meets-Tomlin feel. Carrying on the prayerful journey, “Use Me,” is both a confession of weakness and cry for the strength to be used to help and serve others, and could be adapted for congregations or for special music, and linked to a youth outreach to the local community or a mission’s trip.

All Things New is definitely one to watch. A more revealing and lyrically-tuned production, a little more melodic variation and strength and this band will be unstoppable. A debut that anticipates a great future. 

More: The heartfelt, relatable lyrics and conversational quality—with plenty of scriptural ties—translate life with God into accessible reality.

Less: The poppy production sometimes contains and neutralizes the passion and personality.

-Andrea Hunter 

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