All This for a King: The Essential Collection

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2-crowderDavid Crowder*Band

Even thought David Crowder*Band disbanded in 2012, it is only fitting that an outfit that has dedicated so many years of its time together give worshipers and worship leaders a compilation of some their finest works. That compilation is here in 2013 called All This For A King: The Essential Collection. Filled with 13 tracks of DC*B standards with one bonus track from Crowder’s new solo album, you get what you expect, except this time all in one place.

Of course there are a couple reasons for DC*B completists to throw down the dough for songs they already have. Technophiles will enjoy remixes of “Shadows,” “After All (Holy),” and “No One Like You.” It seems to be fitting that the songs evolve to today’s movement of dubstep and techno, after all, DC*B has been known for creating music that pushed the musical norm of the current musical soundscape. The band’s post-breakup album echos the same nod to musical evolution. Crowder’s one original on the album, “This I Know” touches roots of country—a simplistic approach that Crowder has shown in recent performances of returning to his “original roots music.”

More: Remixes on the album include collabs from Family Force 5, Capital Kings, and the collective remains of DC*B (sans Crowder) better known as “The Digital Age.”

Less: Same as it was in 2012 … really? This is the end?

4.5 Stars
Jason Whitehorn

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