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Anthems1Todd Ballard

Todd Ballard wanted to be a rock star. He had the talent, the drive, and the passion, but as it turns out, his calling is in worship music. He became the primary worship leader at Red Rocks Church in Golden, Colorado. Eventually, Todd prayerfully left his position in the church to fulfill his dreams and his calling with the album, Anthems. With the talent of a rock star and the heart of a worshiper, Todd is in his element, praising God. Anthems is intentionally written to be accessible by churches and worship teams, in the hopes of helping congregations give God all the glory. Todd says about his albums, “It’s just anthems from the heart. Each one of these songs is an anthem of the way I love God and how I feel about Him.” Todd’s inspirations include Angels & Airwaves and 30 Seconds to Mars, giving his music a modern rock feel with fresh style.

More: Free chord charts of the songs from Anthems can be found on Todd’s website, making this album a valuable and worshipful addition to any worship team’s repertoire.

Less: If you don’t like anthemic music, move on to something else.

5 stars
Amanda Furbeck

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