Apogee Duet 2 Review

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Apogee Duet 2 Review

Function: Audio Interface

Price: $595

What’s New: The Duet 2 from Apogee Electronics is a two input, four output interface for Mac.  Improving on the groundbreaking original Duet design, the Duet 2 features upgraded microphone preamps, all new analog to digital and digital to analog converters, independent headphone and speaker outputs, and a full color OLED screen.  Duet 2 boasts 24 bit/192kHz recording quality and runs off an included power supply or can be bus powered via USB 2.0.  A feature unique to the Duet 2 is the fact that the only controls are a single knob in the center of the interface flanked by two touchpads that can be configured to many different controls such as muting the outputs or summing to mono.  Navigation takes some getting used to, but the controls are straightforward and intuitive.  Included in the package is Maestro 2, a new software from Apogee that helps the user control more advanced features of the Duet 2, such as bypassing preamps, providing 48v phantom power, phase inversion, soft limit, and customizing the 2 touchpads on the interface.  The Duet 2 sports all new preamps for microphone, instrument, and line level inputs supplying clear, crisp detail for any recording source.  Compatible with all Core Audio software including Logic, ProTools, Garageband, Ableton Live, Cubase and many more, Duet 2 works seamlessly with Mac OS.  Possibly the best feature of the Duet 2 is the all new AD/DA (analog to digital and digital to analog) converters that provide incredibly pure recordings and a listening experience with unprecedented clarity.  While the price may scare some potential users away, don’t be fooled, the Duet 2 is well worth the $595 pricetag and is perfect for recording music and spoken word as well as running tracks, loops or outputting MIDI from a laptop.  Overall, the Duet 2 provides incredible sound and ease of use and easily outdistances most portable audio interfaces on the market.  The versatility and unparalleled quality that Apogee provides makes the Duet 2 a perfect companion on the stage or in the studio. For more information on the Duet 2 and other Apogee products visit apogeedigital.com.

 -Andy Toy

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