Apogee MiC Review

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Apogee MiC Review
Function: Portable USB microphone
Price: $199
What’s New: The Apogee MiC is a portable USB microphone with connectivity capability to Apple iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers.  About the size of an iPhone, the MiC contains a high quality cardioid condenser capsule enclosed in an all-metal, rugged, portable casing.  The MiC is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and sturdy and durable enough to take anywhere.  Included in the package is a USB cord to connect to standard USB ports, as well as a cord to connect to iPhone 4 or 4S or first, second, and third generation iPads.  Also included in the package is a desk tripod that acts as a mini microphone stand for the MiC.  On the side of the MiC, a gain knob allows the user to turn the gain up or down depending on how loud the sound source is.  Utilizing a simple, intuitive LED system, the MiC has a status light on the front that turns blue when the MiC is on but not ready, green when it is ready and working, and red when the MiC is peaking. 


Sound: I was blown away by the sound quality; the condenser in the MiC sounds awesome.  It really shines on vocals or acoustic guitar, and even as a room mic for a band it sounds great as well.  The MiC is clear and bright and sounds really natural, even more so than microphones that cost twice as much.  The small condenser capsule, while it doesn’t capture extremely low frequencies exceptionally well, sounds amazingly big on vocals and guitars for a microphone its size.  This is a perfect demo microphone, small enough to take anywhere, durable enough to throw in your laptop bag, and sounds great on pretty much anything you put it in front of.  The MiC also uses its own 24-bit digital to analog converters and records at either 44.1 or 48 kHz. 


Connectivity: I was so excited about the sound quality that I almost forgot that MiC can connect to the iPhone and iPad!  Made for Garageband on iPhone and iPad, the MiC works seamlessly with the program and turns your portable device into an incredibly powerful and great sounding recording studio.  MiC also works with a ton of other Apps including iMovie, iRecorder Pro, Nano Studio, and even Voice Memos.  When using Apps to record, the built-in gain knob and status LED are indispensable.  MiC is also perfect for voiceovers, podcasts, interviews, and audio for videos. 


Bottom Line: MiC is the latest innovation from Apogee Electronics as they continue to crank out high quality, completely intuitive, practical, reasonably priced products.  MiC is a great value on such a versatile microphone that works well in so many situations across many platforms.  I recommend the Apogee MiC for anyone looking for a studio quality microphone with mobile connectivity at a killer price. 


For more information about MiC and other Apogee Electronics products, visit apogeedigital.com. 


-Andy Toy


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