A Thousand Amens

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THe Falls (big)1The Falls Church Anglican

What you would do as a worship leader if you were about to vacate a building that had housed your church for over 275 years and had been the inspiration for your town’s name? If you live in Falls Church, Virginia and are the worship leader for Falls Church Anglican, you record a two-night worship service in celebration. 

In the album A Thousand Amens, you get the feel of the rich traditions of the Anglican Church mixed with the more contemporary music of modern worship. The outcome is a blended service that serves as a primer for the modern worship student. With each successive track, you are convinced that deep theological lyrics and dynamic Spirit-filled worship can be combined with drums, guitars, and keyboards to form a worship enterprise you’ve not experienced previously.

A Thousand Amens is a wonderful live album that includes classic renditions of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” as well as re-imaginings of “Come Ye Sinners” and “The Lord’s Prayer.” Use it in personal praise time or play it for your band to replicate. Either choice is sure to bless.

More: Live albums may sometimes have a diminished production quality. A Thousand Amens does not suffer from this curse.

Less: Many of the tracks are longer than five minutes. Our culture’s 3-minute radio mindset may find that somewhat long in the tooth.

4 Stars
Randy Cross

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