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Sparrow -

Worship leader and writer Audrey Assad released her second full-length album Heart appropriately on February 14th. The Sparrow Records follow-up to The House You’re Building, named Christian Album of 2010 by, features Assad’s trademarks: great vocals with a less-is-more ideology on instrumentation. With thoughtful lyrics and musical charm, Assad steals your Heart by taking on serious subjects with a musical lilt—melodically creating a feeling that reminds us while things can be tough, God is faithful. This feeling permeates the entire record. As you listen to important lyrics, you can’t help but tap your toe and feel better about your day, to listen and smile.

More: Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Heart, is a great sophomore effort by a talented artist whose lyrics are broad yet connected under the umbrella of her faith.

Less: While Audrey Assad’s faith is obviously the driving factor of Heart, not all of the songs are overtly Christian or spiritual in nature.

4 Stars

– Randy Cross

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