Awaken Love

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matt-gilman-awaken-love-190Matt Gilman

Layered with prayerfully thought out lyrics and beautifully comprised melodies, Matt Gilman’s Awaken Love is s powerhouse of Jesus centered worship songs. The music and lyrics on this album can’t help but draw the listener into a deep awe and wonder of the beauty and majesty of the love and grace of God. This is a must have corporate worship album! Hailing from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Matt stands in a long legacy of anointed worship leaders.  With in every song of Awaken Love, Matt shows his passion for leading the Church to Jesus.

More: Masterfully written and produced. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful collection of music.

Less: Matt has such a powerful and large vocal range that the worship leader will want to make sure the songs are in an appropriate key for a congregational setting.

Jay Akins
4.5 Stars


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