Behringer Powerplay 16 Personal Monitor Review

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Function: Personal monitor mixer
Price: $199.99
What’s New: The Powerplay 16 Personal Monitor is a new, affordable personal monitoring system from Behringer.  It gives musicians and vocalists complete control of their monitor mix with a simple interface and great features, including 16 channels of audio and presets, level and pan controls, 3-band EQ per channel and Solo and Mute functions.  A master limiter gives the listener ear protection when wearing headphones from sudden loud noise or feedback.  
The powerplay 16 works with the Behringer P16 Input module that connects to the main mixing console to send up to 6 individual mixes on stage. If you’re not familiar with personal monitoring, basically the way that it works is the main mixing board sends each channel to a unit on stage that allows the user to control the volume, pan, EQ of each instrument and vocalist themselves for their headphones.  This is extremely helpful in mixing the live stage because it eliminates all the stage noise of wedges, allows for faster soundchecks, and prevents frustrating communication breakdowns between AV and band.  Compared to other personal monitoring systems on the market, the Powerplay system surpasses the features of the popular Aviom system at a much reduced price. The Powerplay system is a great alternative to traditional wedge monitor setups for musicians and AV teams alike.  For more information about the Powerplay 16 and other products by Behringer visit

-Andy Toy

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