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By Andrea Hunter & Lindsay Ruth Young

For our May issue of Worship Leader, we put the word out that we would be offering a Bible resource guide for worship leaders. And writers, publishers, and colleges all came back with a nearly overwhelming amount of Bibles and Bible resources. There was simply too much content to fit it all in the magazine, so here we present the unabridged version of the Bible Resource Guide for Worship Leaders.

Whether you’re preparing a sermon, writing a hymn or just looking for renewed clarity, the Bible is the essential resource for Truth, history, wisdom, inspiration, and most important, as a revelation of our Triune God.

* Those who write commentaries do so from a particular personal/theological/contextual vantage point, providing both brilliant and questionable conclusions, so enjoy, yet read with care and an ear connected to the Source of all biblical wisdom.

New Testament Commentary

The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary /Francis J. Moloney / Baker Academic
Francis J. Moloney, author of many noteworthy commentaries, takes on a book less popular among the four gospels. Moloney reevaluates the common interpretations of Mark and provides scholarly commentary that is both accessible and refreshing.

Salty Wives, Spirited Mothers, and Savvy Widows / F.Scott Spencer / Eerdmans A thorough analysis of the women in Luke that re-evaluates their notorious reputation and offers an alternate, fresh view that holds these women as respectable, dignified, and empowered in their identity in Christ.

Luke/ (Theological Commentary on the Bible) / David Lyle Jeffrey / Brazos
Refreshing. Orthodox. Seamlessly weaving his own accessible and inviting prose with that of poets and theologians to paint a living and captivating picture of Christ and the Gospel.

Ancient Christian Texts: Commentary on John / Cyril of Alexandria Vol 1 / Translated by David Maxwell / Edited by Joel C. Elowsky / IVP
Meet Cyril, patriarch of Alexandria (412-444), one of the most colorful and controversial figures of the 5th century Church. He liberates us from “fate,” establishes free will, describes Christ’s nature and addresses key heresies and proclaims enduring doctrine. Saint or “monster”? Judge for yourself. Easily navigated accessible translation. For the serious and the curious.

Acts an Exegetical commentary Craig S. Keener / Baker Academic
Two of 4 volumes are available: (1) Introduction and 1:1 – 2:47, and (2) 3:1 – 14:28. Monumental, exhaustive, insightful, a lasting and significant resource for students of the Bible and early Christianity.

Paul’s Letter to the Romans / (Pillar New Testament Commentary)Colin G. Kruse / Eerdmans
Based off of the Greek text, Kruse, an acclaimed evangelical scholar, addresses issues in Paul common in our culture today. This book provides historical background information of the Romans and chapter-by-chapter commentary, flushing out overarching themes and topics, which are comprehensive and scholarly, yet easy to understand.

First Corinthians / (Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament / Pheme Perkins / Baker Academic
A reader-friendly commentary for pastor, student, or Scripture/history buffs. The series is aimed at shaping theological perspective. Perkins brings context and therefore fresh meaning to this much loved NT book, delivering a generally moderate interpretation.

The Life and Witness of Peter / Larry R. Helyer / IVP
Critics and readers attest: Helyer fills a “gap” in scholarship. We agree. And if you’re teaching a class: Helyer has included consequential questions for discussion. He includes a meaningful affirmation and encouragement for worship leaders, writers (and all believers): “Proclamation of God’s saving acts constitutes the highest order of ‘spiritual sacrifices’” (1 Pet 2:9).

Revelation / (Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary) / Mark Brighton / Concordia
Accessible commentary on the book of Revelation for beginners that provides both ESV and KJV in parallel columns.


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    1. Hello Andrea!
      So good to see this exhaustive collection of resources in one place! Praying you are well, and hoping to see you this summer at NWLC Overland Park!
      Peggy Forstad

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