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Old Testament Commentaries and Guides

Genesis / (The NIV Application Commentary) / John H. Walton / Zondervan
Exemplary commentary written by acclaimed scholar John H. Walton, including informative visuals and invaluable historical background information. For the scholar or the student; provides deeper understanding to Genesis examining setting, context, and overall meaning.

Deuteronomy (The NIV Application Commentary / Daniel I Block / Zondervan
This book is often avoided or overlooked, but is one of the most quoted OT books in the New Testament. Block paints a God of grace across Testaments, with the Gospel prominently displayed. Well structured, deep, yet accessible: this one’s a keeper.

The Book of Judges / (The New International Commentary on the Old Testament) / Barry G. Webb / Eerdmans
Addresses the more challenging issues in Judges, providing comprehensive commentary without shying away from a difficult, harsh text. For scholars, but accessible to students and pastors looking to widen their knowledge of Judges and how it fits into modern Christianity.

Job / (Understanding the Books of the Bible) / Christopher R. Smith / IVP
A book for those looking to grasp the basics of Job, providing clarity to an important yet commonly misunderstood book of the Bible. Great for small groups or individual study.

Job / (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms) / Tremper Longman III / Baker Academic
As much as Job is a cultural iconic figure, the book of Job is a bit of a challenge. Longman furnishes his own translation of the text, and creates an easy to follow, well structured commentary that refreshes Job and also connects the book’s wisdom to Christ. Rich, deep, and wide. Some enthusiasts of the commentary do take issue with Longman’s identifying the accusing angel as other than Satan.

Preaching Christ from Daniel: Foundations for Expository Sermons / Sidney Greidanus / Eerdmans
Pastors have often created an artificial divide between Old and New Testament. This book helps bridge the gap and affirms the reality that God “is the same” across the ages, helping pastors deliver the truth about Christ across testaments to their congregations. Straightforward and clear.

Dictionary of the Old Testament Prophets / Editors: Mark J. Boda and J. Gordon McConville / IVP
Reading dictionaries can be fun. Really. One of eight volumes, just released in 2012 and already going into its second printing. An essential edition for your library. Primarily from the conservative evangelical camp featuring up to the minute scholarship from the very best.


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    1. Hello Andrea!
      So good to see this exhaustive collection of resources in one place! Praying you are well, and hoping to see you this summer at NWLC Overland Park!
      Peggy Forstad

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