Bible Resources for Worship Leaders

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KJV Study Bible / Holman
The only full-color study Bible in KJV translation, this is a beautifully leather bound Bible with lots of visuals that would make a great family Bible. A comprehensive guide including a bible reading plan, definitions of 17th century expressions, charts, maps, timelines, articles, essays, and cross references.

**Israelite Samaritan Version of the Torah / Benyamim Tsedaka, Ed. & Trans., Sharon Sullivan, co-editor / Eerdmans
A great modern addition for scholars that is both informational and accessible, comparing the Israelite Samaritan version with the more well-known Masoretic version of the Hebrew Torah. This is the first English translation of the Israelite Samaritan version.

The NRSV Daily Bible / Harper Bibles
This trusted translation is beautifully put together in an inspired and inspiring combination of the biblical text, thoughtful meditations from Scripture, reflections for contemplation (from Christian influencers across history), and prayer. Truly, one of the best “through the Bible in a year” versions ever.  Manageable—even for those who are crunched for time.


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    2 comments on “Bible Resources for Worship Leaders

    1. Hello Andrea!
      So good to see this exhaustive collection of resources in one place! Praying you are well, and hoping to see you this summer at NWLC Overland Park!
      Peggy Forstad

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