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* New and Old Classics Bibles and Biblical Resources

Start! The Bible for New Believers (New Testament Version NKJV) / Thomas Nelson
Help someone jump into the Gospels/New Testament and get a secure footing before diving into the whole of Scripture. Featuring an article on salvation from Editor Greg Laurie, plus discipleship tools and mini-commentaries, this Bible was created specifically for new believers in Christ.

Mosaic Bible (NLT) / Tyndale
Published in 2009 is one of the most thoughtfully assembled devotional bibles, its exquisite artwork, and inspiring quotes, hymns, prayers, and poems span centuries and express the depth and wonder of our Christian faith.

The Common English Bible / Abingdon Press
Simple and direct, the CEB’s latest translation isn’t common at all. Written so that the greatest number of people can access the Bible’s message, its readability facilitates congregational participation and encourages study, a perfect introduction to Scripture.

The Lion Guide to the Bible / Peter Walker/ Lion Hudson/Kregel

Reveals connections between biblical characters, creates context for their life stories, and is filled with historical background, with over 200 pictures. Walker is a gifted guide and his book a valuable resource that could ignite interest even in the most resistant reader.

Waterproof Bibles from Bardin & Marsee
Read it on the fly while fishing, surfing, sky diving or water skiing. Extremely durable. Available in KJV, ESV, NIV(1984), and NLT in full Bibles and New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs. We love these guys.

The Cotton Patch Gospel by Clarence Jordan
Not to be missed, this “version” of the New Testament with a Southern slant brought the New Testament forward in time and planted it right in the middle of the American South in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement. Its author deserves a lengthy study himself. Although it was never intended as a translation and some years have passed since its debut, still there is plenty that not only holds up, but informs us in a deep, charming, and challenging way. 

The New Testament: An Expanded Edition, Kenneth S. Wuest, Eerdmanns
Uses exactly the number of words to convey the verbal tenses, intent and full range of meaning of the original Greek. It is refreshing, vibrant and explains some mysteries. For instance, exactly why did Jesus ask Peter three times, “Do you love me?” You’ll have to read it to find out. Not for the casual reader, but a great addition to your Bible library.

The old (now out of print) Jerusalem Bible (JB)
Highly recommended by Reggie Kidd, who points out, “J. R. R. Tolkein translated Jonah,” adding: “Even though the base for the translation is a French Bible, this is one of the most elegant and lovely English translations EVER. Alas, the scholarship is generally quite liberal. But the Bible reads beautifully, and has many, many elegant turns of phrase.”

Good News for Modern Man: The New Testament in Today’s English Version / American Bible Society
This Bible originally published in response to a need for Scripture in English for non-English speakers was translated thought for thought versus word for word. Published in 1966, it was a crucial and timely element in The Jesus Movement in the US and abroad, making Bible reading and The Gospel accessible to a generation alienated from and suspicious of traditional religion. 

The Voice / Thomas Nelson

Experience being right in the middle of God’s story. The Voice Bible creates a compelling curiosity to find out exactly what happens next with plenty of support material to enrich the reading.

The Expanded Bible / Thomas Nelson
A one-stop Bible. Clears your desk of commentaries, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries, concordances and so much more.

The Kingdom New Testament /N.T. Wright /  HarperOne
Fresh new translation. Greater clarity, deeper meaning in words we actually understand—direct from the Bible brain trust: N.T. Wright.

ESV Student Study Bible / Crossway
A bible with a heart for the serious high school and college student. This award-winning Bible offers an age-and-interest appropriate presentation. 

Psalms as Torah: Gordon J Wenham / Baker Academic
More than the best book for priming the pump of prayer, penning worship songs, or reading at funerals, this pithy tome convinces us that the Psalms are literally a Bible within a Bible. Must read.

Michael Card’s Biblical Imagination Series / IVP
Michael Card is taking us through the gospels, one at a time, in this series that puts flesh and blood on the Word and even offers musical accompaniment. Probing the distinct character of each Gospel with heart, mind, and imagination, Card gifts us with a living Testament of Christ. Luke and Mark have released, with Matthew due out in June.


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