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Laura Story
INO Records

WL Quick Tip: Competent Christian pop made special by an infusion of worship that’s focused on the fact that God knows what we need (and who we really are) a lot better than we do. 

A gentle, contemplative voice. An iconic worship song recorded by one of this generation’s most well-known worship leaders (“Indescribable”). A critically acclaimed album (Great God Who Saves). Awards and recognition (multiple Dove nominations for “Female Vocalist of the Year”). Those are a lot of blessings, by most people’s standards, and they have all fallen into the life of Laura Story. Given the title of her latest, Blessings, you would think that she would be focusing on these things, giving back some thanks to God for how things are going.

To be sure, those blessings are still there-however, in the midst of the accolades and growing success, newly married Story and her husband were stopped cold by the news that he had a brain tumor. The resultant surgery and difficult recovery period have focused the couple on blessings of a very different kind-simple thankfulness for life itself, for time together, even amidst pain and great difficulty. This new focus has manifested itself on Story’s latest album. Running the gamut from sparse, intimate moments of personal worship to full-bodied, full-production contemporary uptempo pop, Blessings is the musical chronicle of one woman yielding both the good and bad in life to God.

While Blessings is a personal statement, Story’s voice as a congregational songwriter continuallymakes itself apparent. In fact, the very difficulties that she has faced have helped to give Blessingsone of its strongest statements-the communion song “Remember.” Worship leaders should find it perfect for use in services, both for it’s simple beauty and its clear Trinitarian focus.

Playlist: “What a Savior,” “Blessings,” “One Life to Lose,” “Remember”

- Greg Wallace

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