Bomes Electric Ape Delay Review

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Function: Analog delay pedal
Price: $199
What’s New:  The Bomes Ape Delay pedal is a hand-built, true-bypass analog path delay pedal with features galore.  Standard controls for delay time, repeats, mod depth, and tap tempo are included along with some completely innovative features such as overall pedal volume control, repeat filter, and two separate, switch-able delay volumes for toggling between a loud delay sound and a soft sound instantly.  There are seven separate knobs on the pedal.  1) Overall volume – this knob controls the volume of the entire pedal, similar the preamp section on a tape echo unit.  This is a very cool effect and can get the pedal to overdrive giving a dirty, lofi sound.  2) Repeat filter – this is an 8-step knob that controls a filter on the delayed signal, giving an immense amount of possibilities of how the repeats sound through the filter.  3) Delay level 1 – this is a very cool feature that allows the user to set one delay level, and switch between another delay setting with a tap of the foot.  4) Delay level 2 – set this knob either softer or louder than Delay level 1 and have two delay levels available quickly.  5) Repeat amount – go from a short slap to infinite repeats and self-oscillation 6) Mod depth – this knob controls the amount of modulation (chorus) on the delayed signal, modeling an old tape unit.  The mod on the Ape is really great and hits both the tape echo and the Memory Man sound on the head. 7) Delay time – a traditional delay time control with a twist: anywhere left of 12 o’clock engages the dotted eighth tap (when you tap quarters you get dotted eighth delay) Anywhere to the right of 12 o’clock gives the traditional tap tempo. Three footswitches control on/bypass, delay level 1/delay level 2, and tap tempo.  Overall, the Ape is an incredibly musical, interesting pedal that has a classic analog delay sound with some really great features that you won’t find on any other delay pedal.  This might be the perfect ambient delay pedal in my opinion and the Ape stands out to me because it’s not trying to do anything that’s already been done.  In a market saturated with every kind of delay imaginable, Bomes has done something really special and created a great sounding pedal that is truly unique.  

-Andy Toy

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