Bomes Electric Bat Review

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Bomes Electric Bat Review


Function: Overdrive/boost pedal

Price: $179

What’s New: The Bat is a truebypass overdrive/gain boost guitar pedal from Bomes Electric.  A truly unique overdrive pedal, the Bat features a boost channel and an overdrive channel covering an incredible range of tones from a mellow boost to a cranked plexi-style drive.  Thick and open sounding, the Bat is a unique and versatile effect.  The Bat has four knobs: volume, tone, drive, and a 6-way bass selector switch.  An interesting feature of this pedal is that the volume and drive knobs work together similar to the controls of a tube amp; the lower you set the volume control, the less drive is available, and likewise the higher you set the volume control, the more the drive opens up.  The 6-way bass selector, another feature unique to the Bat, determines how thick and distorted the bass is, allowing the user to either keep the bass full or filter it out to cut through the mix.  The bass selector along with a separate tone control allows the user to voice the pedal for virtually any type of guitar or amp, or any instrument as well.  The Bat sounds great on bass or keys as well as guitar.  A heavy-duty truebypass switch controls the boost/overdrive channel selector and another controls the bypass switch for the entire pedal.  Adding to the versatility to the pedal are the switchable dual channels on the Bat, perfect for switching between rhythm/lead tones with the tap of your foot.  The pedal sports a distinctive red and black color scheme with bright blue LED’s and two tiny red LED bat “eyes” that light up when signal passes through the Bat.  Overall, the bat is an incredibly versatile pedal that sounds great no matter what instrument you put behind it or where you set the knobs.  In a world full of boutique guitar overdrive pedals, the Bat stands out with its ability to cover a multitude of drive tones and sound full in all of them.

-Andy Toy

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