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Introducing Bomes Electric

Bomes Electric is a boutique guitar amp and pedal maker based in Portland, Oregon owned and operated by Jason Bouma (former guitar player for Fin and Plumbline).  Bomes Electric is a brand new company specializing in high quality tube amplifiers and pedals, and quirky features that make his products some of the most unique, exciting pieces of gear to hit the market this year. 

WL: What made you decide to start Bomes Electric as a company making guitar pedals/amps?

Bomes: I’ve been tinkering around with pedals and mods for a while.  I’ve always enjoyed getting new and different tones and having the freedom to create whatever toy I could think of.  Later, I started building amps and I used every opportunity on the road and in the studio to develop and improve the design and tone of my amp. All of the amps and pedals I made were just for myself, but when other players started asking me to make stuff for them that is when BomesElectric was created.

WL: What makes your products different from other products?

Bomes: New pedal ideas and designs normally come from a tone necessity or a problem I am solving.  Since I end up using every pedal that I make, I exhaust all of the possibilities and strive to make pedals with the best tone and function for their given applications.  I never want to have to redesign a pedal that I have released, so if the pedal is for sale it means that I am confident that it is where I want it to be both in its tone and function.  Since I still play quite a bit, I like to use live gigs and the studio to test the tone and function of a pedal.  Most pedals look good on paper and sound good in the bedroom, but it is live and recording situations that reveal the true tone colors of a pedal.  I don’t intend to flood the market with a bunch of decent pedals and amps, but to have a few amps and pedals that will stand up to the test of time, tone and functionality and will be inspiring to those that own and abuse them.  I believe these are the things that make BomesElectric stick out from other pedal and amp companies.

WL: What is your vision for Bomes Electric?

Bomes: My business and marketing goal is to have a BomesElectric pedal on every pedalboard.  My development goal is to only make pedals that I would personally use and have on my board.  My motto has always been, “if I make pedals and amps that I love and am inspired by, I know others will love and be inspired by them too.”

WL: Are you working on anything new right now, and what kind of product ideas do you have for the future?

Bomes: I have ideas for future designs, but we will see which ones stick.  The next pedal I’m working on is the Infidel, which can be dialed into anything from a clean boost to distortion and all the way up to squishy fuzz.  Soon I will be developing a long reverb/pad pedal that can control how swooshy or dry your tone is with an expression pedal.  I’m also considering an octave pedal and some sort of vibe pedal.  I’m currently working on a head version of my Fragilistic amp which is a 30-watt, el84 amp.

WL: What’s your favorite guitar rig, starting with guitar, to pedals, to amp?

Bomes: For live and in the studio I have been using either a Tele or a Les Paul.  From the guitar I go through the Octa-Tron (octave fuzz with a bunch of tricks), the BAT (overdrive/boost), the Infidel (distortion/fuzz) and the APE Delay into a single 12” combo version of the Fragilistic amp.

For more information about Bomes Electric and to purchase the brand new APE delay, visit  Read the review of the Bomes Bat Distortion Pedal here.

-Andy Toy

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