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For the Glory of God



Author: Daniel I. Block
Publisher: Baker
Street Date: August 19, 2014
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ecovering a Biblical Theology of Worship

A work of exceptional breadth, Block’s For the Glory of God would be a worthwhile journey for any church’s pastoral leadership team, and every member of the worship team. It would and should take time to explore—years in fact. It is an academic work, most likely to be read by theology students in the context of a seminary education, but it is an informative read for anyone. And it seems that Block has written it with a larger audience of readers in mind. He covers the worship universe: the object, subject, and understanding of worship; daily life, family life and work as worship; also ordinances, prayer, music, sacrifice and offering as worship. Other chapters on “Hearing and Proclaiming the Scriptures in Worship,” “The Drama of Worship,” The Design and Theology of Sacred Space,” and “Leaders in Worship” make this a must read. Block points out—referring to Colossians 3:15-17—that “truly worshipful music is preconditioned by truly worshipful living.” Whether you completely embrace all his deductions about worship—for some on both sides of the theological divide, it will be uncomfortable—it is definitely an opportunity for your community, with Scripture in hand and a prayer on your lips to pause and consider your understanding and approach to worship. Featured also are some enlightening and enjoyable appendices as well: “Doxologies of the New Testament,” “Hymnic Fragments in the Pauline Epistles,” and “Sunday Worship in Early Christianity.”


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