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The Relational Pastor



Author: Andrew Root
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Street Date: March 4, 2013

Posted July 11, 2013 by

ndrew Root has a challenge for ministers: Stop trying to be a “self-help entertainer” and start focusing on building meaningful relationships where you share your life with others. Root explains that the church needs to redirect its emphasis from seeing people as “individuals” to “persons.” The two main aspects of valued relationships among persons are empathy and transformation. Root encourages ministers to recognize that a person is a multi-dimensional human who can form bonds and interact with other persons in a caring, empathetic manner, just as Jesus did. An individual is someone often considered more of an object whom ministers tend to view as an asset to a ministry, but not particularly helpful in building a growing, Christ-like church body. Root strongly challenges church leaders to truly share themselves with their congregation, and emphasizes prayer as the driving force in relational ministry. Root gives compelling and well-reasoned arguments on the many benefits of minister’s becoming “relational pastors.”

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