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The Six Hats of the Worship Leader



Author: Rich Kirkpatrick
Publisher: indie
Street Date: 2014
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Posted August 12, 2014 by

ich Kirkpatrick who regularly teaches on this subject at the National Worship Leader Conference to grateful leaders who are caught in the mire of juggling the roles of Music Director, Tech Director, Service Producer, Programming Director, Pastor, and oh…yes worship leader, has put it all down in print for a handy reference. In the midst of administration, pastoring, training, planning, auditioning, coaching, refereeing, paperwork, and more, one can easily be overwhelmed. The good news is there are ways to re-imagine and restructure your role. Kirkpatrick encourages empowering others rather than hoarding power, and preparing others to do what you do. He breaks down the visible and invisible parts of worship services and leading, emphasizing building a strong foundation in unseen areas that are often neglected and understanding process as well as content. Finally Kirkpatrick defines each role and the support functions entailed in each to better delegate, train, plan, and execute and takes on hard topics such as succession, and acknowledging ministry needs. This little book packs a wallop delivering invaluable information for every pastor and worship leader.

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    I attended Rich’s seminar at the NWLC Overland Park, and found the seminar and the book to be the most practical advice I’ve ever found on what it is we actually DO! This helped me to explain it to others (who had no idea) in a way that was concrete and understandable. Thanks Rick for a well written, doable manual!

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