Breathe In

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Breathe In
Phillips Criag & Dean
Twenty years of making music together, 12 amazing albums, three senior pastors, and numerous awards may sum up the career of singing group Phillips, Craig & Dean, but it in no way limits the style, scope, and relevance of their latest and most outstanding album. Breathe In is a fresh, rich, and powerful praise and worship album for the hurting, broken, and struggling. Its Top 40 flavor is masterfully mixed, and its sweet harmonic blend and encouraging, worshipful lyrics are a smooth cup of coffee for a weary soul.

More: Breathe In does not disappoint with its beautiful harmonies, passionate lyrics, and musical professionalism PCD’s listeners have grown accustomed to hearing. PCD continues the tradition of being musically and lyrically relevant to a world in need of Jesus Christ.

Less: While “These Bones” pulls away stylistically from the rest of the album, it is a light break from the heavier, more driving praise and worship songs. 

4.5 stars

-Amanda Furbeck

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