Bring Your Nothing

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Vocal duo Shane and Shane’s new album, Bring Your Nothing, is far from nothing. Instead, it contains 11 brand new songs from Shane Barnard and Shane Everett that focus on the theme of grace, but deliver that message in a diversity of styles. This diversity is displayed even between the first two songs. The opening song, “The One You’ll Find” based on 2 Chronicles 16:9, sounds very Mumford-esque complete with banjo, vocal harmonies, and driving rhythmic percussion. That’s followed by the title song, “Bring Your Nothing,” with a Stevie Wonder groove and horn section. Recorded at Wellhouse Studios, a house turned recording studio, Shane and Shane, along with 5 other friends, recorded these tunes simultaneously all in one room. This unique recording method resulted in a very organic, cohesive feel to the album.

Barnard says that these songs were written with students of his weekly songwriting class in mind, asking, “Lord, what do You want me to say to my students?” As a result, these songs have a very personal feel, yet maintain a broad appeal with topics that we all deal with and need to hear. Two songs especially stand out: “I Came Alive” and “You Loved My Heart To Death.” The first is an acoustic pop song about the salvation experience that is sure to be an instant Shane and Shane classic; the second is a powerful song about the distance and depth of Jesus’ love for us.

More: Overall, this is a very strong album, with a fresh new sound for Shane and Shane, one of their most creative collaborations, yet still featuring the duo’s top-notch harmonies. Most songs include a chord structure and instrumentation that will surprise your ear, at least once, and that’s always a good thing.

Less: While worship leaders may not find many songs here to use in corporate worship, it is still worth your time and investment.

4.5 stars
Barry Westman

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