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1-darnellCasey Darnell
North Point Music

Worship leader at North Point Community Church Casey Darnell has done a fabulous job crafting his new album for the church. This eponymous release has offerings for every worship setting. As a North Point Music artist Casey has had the privilege of working along side of seasoned worship artist and pastor Todd Fields as well as Atlanta producer Trey Roth to record a beautifully well-rounded worship project. Stunning vocals, fresh melodies and powers lyrics in songs like “Let My Soul” have a timeless hymn-like quality that will be sung by the Church for generations to come. With anthems like “How Marvelous” Casey declares the marvelous love and strength of our God. Worship Pastors this record is a must have for this next season of your church. The truth that Casey has put to music brings to light the redemptive power of the gospel in songs like “All Things New.” Casey’s heart and love for edifying the Church is evident in the way he delivers each song with a genuine and gospel centered approach. Casey even gives us a taste of his relationship with his wife in “When You Smile” which by the way can’t help but make you smile when you hear it.

More: Excellently crafted record with a fresh and vibrant sound and Christ-centered congregational songs well suited for the church.

Less: It is going to monopolize your playlist for the foreseeable future.

4.5 stars
Jay Akins


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