Casio Privia PX-350 Digital Piano

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Church Use: A leap forward in the acoustic sound and feel of a portable piano.

Casio has a long history of producing electric keyboards. Their Privia line has some new members with both home and stage models. The PX-350 is compact and versatile enough to be both. It represents a significant advance over previous generations with its combination of a new keyboard feel and a more powerful sound engine.

The new Px-350 uses three times the memory of the previous generation and Casio’s “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) delivers the best acoustic piano sounds yet. There’s a hammer response and damper resonance simulator and 250 tones built-in including strings, organs, electric pianos, brass, drums and more.

The PX-350 features a redesigned 88 note, Tri-Sensor scaled action. The keys have a simulated Ebony and Ivory textured feel, while 3 sensors capture all of the dynamics of your performance. A timing nuance even takes into consideration the speed at which different hammers move inside a piano for ultra-realism.

There are 180 drum patterns with full auto-accompaniment and a 17-track recorder. A USB port offers class-compliant connectivity to MAC/PC and a convenient SD card slot lets you record your performances—with every intricacy—as an audio file directly to the card.

List price $1099.99
Street price $799.99

More: Authentic feeling keyboard and acoustic piano sound, a good library of other usable sounds, built-in sequencer, onboard SD card recorder

Less: Not much

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