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Cast My Cares


Artist: Tim Timmons
Label: Provident
Street Date: June 3, 2013
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Posted July 28, 2014 by

im Timmons is a musician on a mission. He explains, “Instead of me just putting out more ‘cool’ Christian music, I want to draw people into the movement of Jesus. There’s an awakening, a revolution that I want to spend my one and only life committed to.” This married father of four does not take his mission lightly. Although he’s been suffering from incurable cancer for 12 years, he looks to Christ for his strength to tour and lead worship. Timmons’ CD, Cast My Cares, is an inspiring invitation to follow Jesus and worship him completely, in brokenness and gratitude. Timmons’ focus on ministry, rather than stardom, alongside his amazing perspective, allows for moving musical and spiritual transparency in Cast My Cares. This album is full of gentle pop ballads and powerful, top-40-style worship songs, while Timmons’ captivating vocals shift all attention to Christ.

More: Timmons’ efforts are not aimed at becoming the next greatest worship rock star, but rather to invite people to be with Jesus. Tracks such as “Cast My Cares,” “Holy Unafraid,” and “It’s Your Revolution” brilliantly achieve that goal.

Less: The quick tempos of Timmons’ music may make learning his worship songs a challenge for both vocalists and instrumentalists, however, his poignant lyrics make the extra effort worthwhile.


Amanda Furbeck

5 stars


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