Discover The Mystery of Faith

1-mystery of faithGlenn Packiam
David C. Cook

Glenn Packiam has the most delightful way of taking us along on a journey of discovery; his transparency, confessional-professorial-pastoral style—in the very best sense—frees us to listen and learn. We relate and Discover the Mystery of Faith right along with him. He stirs us to question the motivation, the content, the enactment, the pre-suppositions and false understandings surrounding our worship. He fills in the history of what we do, or have left out or added unnecessarily. He re-injects mystery into a faith where everything about God has become known or knowable, and opts for an unknowing that leaves room for mystery. Glenn positions himself as revitalizer and re-interpreter of Robert Webber’s ancient/future wisdom. He in no way is suggesting we all become Anglican/Orthodox or “go liturgical,” rather that we rethink our language for and engagement in worship. We have made worship small, and he advocates for the larger version that comes with mystery. A must read.

Andrea Hunter

Tapestry Audio Time Traveler Review

Time Traveler
Function: Tap Tempo Pedal
Price: $199
What’s New: The Time Traveler is a boutique tap tempo pedal by Tapestry Audio. The first of its kind, the Time Traveler allows you to store and scroll through up to 10 presets via footswitch and has multiple outputs to sync more than one pedal at a time. This feature is incredibly useful when using more than one delay at a time, or when using say, two separate pedals for tremelo and delay. My personal favorite feature is the BPM display with adjustable brightness (especially useful for people with sensitive eyes like me). The tempo can be controlled by tapping a momentary footswitch (much like a BOSS FS-5U) or by twisting a knob. This is a huge help for syncing up analog delays, or delays that don’t have a specific BPM readout to be exactly in time. Hand-wired and constructed, the Time Traveler currently comes in either a two or three-output model. While $199 might sound a bit excessive to spend on a tap tempo, the satisfaction of knowing your effects will be perfectly in time makes it essential for performance and the studio alike. For more information about the Time Traveler visit

Alclair RSM Review

Alclair RSM Review
There are three important parts of an in ear monitor: fit, sound quality, and reliability, and Alclair RSM’s excels at them all.  The RSM is a three-way custom in ear monitor providing two woofers, a mid-range, and a tweeter.  The powerful, punchy bass is balanced by a smooth top end and exceptional clarity and separation between all the instruments in the mix. 
BIG is the best way to describe the bass response on the RSM.  The bass is slightly more pronounced than a triple or dual driver in ear monitor, and feels deep and three-dimensional.  Kick drums sound phenomenal, punchy, thick, and powerful.  I plugged a bass guitar in direct through the RSMs and immediately felt like there was an 8×10 cab behind me!  Bottom end is smooth as butter and has power and headroom for days.  Top end is clear and not harsh at all, with plenty of high-end definition and clarity.  Midrange is focused and refined, not honky or over-pronounced.  Piano and organ sit perfectly in the mix.  The separation between lows and highs is stunning; vocals and guitars sound clear as day and don’t clash with lower instruments like bass or kick drum at all.  Overall, the RSMs were well balanced, powerful, and extremely clear. 
The RSMs fit like a glove.  No falling out of my ear or constantly having to readjust to get the seal just right, the RSMs fit well from the first time I put them in.  I’ve even worn them for extended periods of time and even fallen asleep once or twice with them in: they’re that comfortable. 
Building IEMs is nothing new to Alclair.  The RSMs are built with outstanding attention to detail, using the highest quality components available.  The cord is thick and sturdy, and the connections are all tight and well protected from sweat or makeup.  Alclair also offers custom artwork and colors on all their IEM models.
Last Thoughts:
The RSMs are great in ear monitors at a great price.  If you’re a musician who likes a balanced mix with powerful low end and clear smooth highs, the RSMs are perfect for you.  What impressed us the most was the personal service and communication Alclair provides to each new buyer, setting up each customer with an audiologist in their area and providing them with instructions on how to get the best impressions. Not only has Alclair managed to build a all-around fantastic in ear monitors, but their customer care and service puts them a step above other IEM providers. 
For more information about RSM and other products, visit

iSingWorship for iPhone Version 1.4 Review

isingworshipBackground: When we reviewed iSingWorship back in September 2012, we were blown away by the ease of use and power of the simple, straightforward app that allows you to carry backing tracks and lyric projection in your back pocket.  Now with a new free update, iSingWorship is better than ever and provides even more power and flexibility for worship teams and individuals leading worship.  A little background on the app: iSingWorship is a new app for iPhone and iPad that pairs worship backing tracks with external lyric display.  The playback control allows you to change the form of the song on the fly and a mixer lets you turn on/off the acoustic guitar and adjust the vocal level in the track. 
What’s New:
-7 keys for each song.  iSingWorship uses a world-class transposition feature that allows the user to transpose up to 3 half steps up or down from the original key, insuring that both men and women have a comfortable key for their voices. 
- Capo settings and transposition settings can be stored with each arrangement you make, so you can have several versions of the song for different settings and applications. 
- New and bigger background library.  Organized into categories for easy browsing.
- Wireless support for lyric output.  No more long, awkward cables, display lyrics via Airplay to an Apple TV (not included).  This is a simple, easy to use system that utilizes the best of Apple technology!
- New, bigger variety of softer arrangements.  For churches or small groups who don’t want a big, full band, the variety of soft arrangements are perfect.  iSingWorship features multiple arrangements on most of the recently added titles in their library.  
Version 1.4 is a huge update for iSingWorship, bringing even more flexibility to the worship leader than the original and making it easier to use.  But don’t take our word for it, download the App for free at 
-Andy Toy

The Catalyst Leader

1-lomenick-catalyst-leaderBrad Lomenick
Thomas Nelson

Leadership is much more than doing paperwork, making routine decisions, and dealing with a vast array of personality issues and conflicts. Brad Lomenick, the Key Visionary and President of Catalyst, an influential leadership movement, recognizes that today’s young leaders are entering an environment that requires them to be confident, inspirational and visionary to be successful. He describes eight essential characteristics of a leader who is influential and a true change maker: called, authentic, passionate, capable, courageous, principled, hopeful and collaborative.

Lomenick does more than simply educate the young people entering roles of leadership. He also challenges the older, experienced leaders to actively pursue opportunities to become mentors to the aspiring young leaders so they pass on their years of wisdom to the next generations. Leaders who are willing to put aside their selfish goals and apply Lomenick’s eight keys will find they can definitely make a positive impact for God and society.

Jeff Friend