Glorious Ruins
In classic Hillsong LIVE fashion, these live cuts move from stripped away heartfelt ballads to fist-pumping anthems declaring God’s goodness over our ruins. ... MORE
Deeper Places
Whether probing questions such as “Why does God make us wait?” or exploring the empowering force of gratitude, Jacoby leads us to a place of enjoying God, the profound rest of worship and pleasures for evermore. ... MORE
All the People Said Amen
With relevant and inspired lyric writing, and obvious passion for the Gospel, this multi-faceted, album offers songs of praise and worship, messages of hope, and heart-felt cries to the Lord. ... MORE
More and More
BJ Putnam threads gospel and rock in both a familiar and unique way that extends the sonic palette and allows the listener to rejoice and participate. ... MORE
Let It Be Known
Let It Be Known is a live worship recording that both captures the passion and the mission of Worship Central to provide the Church with excellent resources in worship. ... MORE