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Becoming Who We Are

nergetic, frenetic, and infectious, Becoming Who We Are, is a musical cacophony of joyous praise and at times chaotic beauty. Kings Kaleidoscope is 10 Seattleites with the unique ability to channel large arrays of sounds and be...

Before There Was

A powerful kick drum supports the far ranging guitars and elctro-pop with synthy shades to the overwhelming wash of sound; it sounds simultaneously like chaos and creation's order, set to music.


Deeper Places

If you want more than a wind chop of joy in your life, I encourage you to follow me out into the deep water, the featureless wasteland of the open ocean



Economy is the major-label release with the indie heart and sound. When an artist like John Mark McMillan signs on to a label such as Integrity, you half expect everything you loved about his previous release, The Medicine—the ...

God’s Singers

Dave Williamson’s God Singers joins these other must-haves where the specific subject of worship-leading choirs is concerned.


Matt Maher, All the People Said Amen

With relevant and inspired lyric writing, and obvious passion for the Gospel, this multi-faceted, album offers songs of praise and worship, messages of hope, and heart-felt cries to the Lord.

WL Picks

Top 20 Movies for Christians in the past 20 years

As what moves one person is vastly different from what moves another, the only preface to give here is the criteria. We simply judged the movies by these two things: Primary criterion: Offers illustrations of the values and pri...

Top 20 Worship Releases for 20 Years

In 2012 Worship Leader picked the most influential worship releases of the past 20 years.


Firefly Tube Direct Box

Simply put, the Firefly sounds unreal. In my review, I tried every instrument I had available: acoustic guitars, electric bass, acoustic bass, farfisa organ, analog synths, digital synths, mandolin, Fender Rhodes, and a Wurlit...

Formation of the Bible

While flipping through the channels (especially during Christmas or Easter), it is a fairly common occurrence to stumble upon a documentary about one or another writings from the first century that was excluded from the Bible. ...