Celebration: Why We Rejoice – with Glenn Packiam

For the rest of the Lent season, we will feature a short video of Glenn Packiam teaching on different aspects of worship. These videos will be available as part of the full album release and possibly part of an e-book that will go along with it. For now, enjoy the 5-part series of and Glenn’s worship insights. 

For more information, please visit glennpackiam.com

Featuring the song “Victorious God” from the album “The Mystery of Faith”
iTunes LP available March 5th 2013

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    2 comments on “Celebration: Why We Rejoice – with Glenn Packiam

    1. Amen Glenn! Thanks for ALWAYS speaking the truth of the gospel in a time when people so desperately need to hear it buddy. This man lives what he teaches. One of the great Theologians of the 21st century Glenn Packiam thank you.

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