Come Like A Flood

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come like a flood2ORU Live
Oral Roberts University

Most worship songwriters will tell you that it’s a lot harder to write a good uptempo worship song than it is to create more intimate musical moments or to pen power ballads. The ORU worship team accept that challenge and come out swinging on this straight-ahead live worship disc. To be certain, the quieter moments are here, but there’s an underlying youthful energy to the proceedings that gives a real sense of urgency, in a very welcome way.

By their very nature, student-led worship teams are in a constant state of flux, but the ORU crew shows a significant amount of cohesion in both the musical and songwriting sides of the equation. The music is singable, accessible—even catchy, at times—and straightforward in its expressions of a desire to be in continual awe of God.

More: Clear passion and excitement from a student team with a lot of potential for the future – a very good head start to a journey that may produce the writers of the songs that we’ll all be singing.

Less: There’s a lot of talking between and during songs, but it’s part of the same vigorousness that gives many of the songs their strength.

3.5 stars
Greg Wallace

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