Count You Everything

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Freedom House Worship Live
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Count You Everything is the debut album by Freedom House Worship, made up of members of their church worship team in Charlotte, North Carolina. This live worship recording contains nine original songs that express the heart of what it means to count God everything. Led by four different worship leaders, there is quite a variety of styles and sounds throughout the album. The first two songs, “Dry Bones” and “Today,” approaches a high energy Switchfoot/Generation Unleashed sound. Other songs come in with the now-more-common Bethel Music/Elevation Worship/Gateway flair, yet Freedom House Worship has its own distinct sound. For example, “Be Lifted Higher” is led by just piano and one singer at the start, then builds to a soaring bridge, and is one of the most powerful songs on the album. 

More: Worship leaders Clint Pugh, Weston Keith, Lesley Gustafson, and Gil Gatch do a great job adding their own unique voice and sound to this album. These songs are very creatively written, and the passion present in the worshipers and team comes through in this powerful recording. 

Less: A couple of the songs extend to over 10 minutes, with “Dogwood” reaching 13. While this can work in a live situation, it may not easily translate to a recorded version. Aside from that, a very solid debut album from this team of worshipers.


4 stars
Barry Westman

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