Discover The Mystery of Faith

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1-mystery of faithGlenn Packiam
David C. Cook

Glenn Packiam has the most delightful way of taking us along on a journey of discovery; his transparency, confessional-professorial-pastoral style—in the very best sense—frees us to listen and learn. We relate and Discover the Mystery of Faith right along with him. He stirs us to question the motivation, the content, the enactment, the pre-suppositions and false understandings surrounding our worship. He fills in the history of what we do, or have left out or added unnecessarily. He re-injects mystery into a faith where everything about God has become known or knowable, and opts for an unknowing that leaves room for mystery. Glenn positions himself as revitalizer and re-interpreter of Robert Webber’s ancient/future wisdom. He in no way is suggesting we all become Anglican/Orthodox or “go liturgical,” rather that we rethink our language for and engagement in worship. We have made worship small, and he advocates for the larger version that comes with mystery. A must read.

Andrea Hunter

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