Divine Comedy

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Jackie François

Jackie François’ Divine Comedy has to be one of the most original names for a recording project and sets the stage for an energetic journey of well-produced-and-arranged soft rock songs. “Everything You” and “Everything I Need” allow for connections between strong and eloquent lyrics paired with beautiful and melodic arrangements. Jackie’s voice is familiar and distinct. There is something to be said for mastering both vocal and instrumentation in a way that allows a song to build in natural and authentic ways and “Cornerstone” and “New Creation” accomplish exactly that. The songs are refreshing and powerful with a clear direction toward worship. Jackie is both a singer and songwriter and should be able to garner both airplay and sanctuary exposure. This CD has a maturity and uplifting theme that is engaging and yet subtle and nuanced.

More: “Divine Comedy,” the catchy title track, is inspirational and has that “did you hear that” quality to it that is just begging for a creative video. “Beautiful One” that closes the album is a gem also. 

Less: Not much to say here…


4 Stars
Darryl Bryant

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