Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina Review

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Function: Microphone
Price: $499
What’s New: It may look like a nautical instrument from the 16th century, but the Edwina is actually a unique, hand-built, large diaphragm condenser microphone. Hand made in Portland, OR, the Edwina is a FET design mic tuned for live vocals.  The diaphragm sports a built-in pop filter and cardioid pickup pattern ideal for live use mounted in a pivoting capsule for upright, side-address, or end-address for any position. 


Sound: Condenser microphones on live vocals have been a struggle for many audio engineers over the years.  While condensers often sound bigger and fuller than their dynamic counterparts, their proneness to feedback and pick up too much ambient stage noise has many engineers sticking with dynamic mics.  The Edwina surpasses all the hurdles that a live vocal condenser may have and offers a stunning sound and visual on top! 
I first tried the Edwina on vocals in a studio to capture the sound as accurately as I could.  The first thing I noticed was how big the sound was!  The highs were exceptionally clear and bright while retaining the low mid body of the sound.  As a room mic the Edwina is gold.  Placed at six feet, the Edwina picked up a guitar and singer and the two balanced perfectly.  The FET design is exceptionally quiet and is sensitive to every nuance of vocal inflection.  Acoustic guitars sound smooth and big through the Edwina, and the pivoting capsule allows for almost for almost any mic position. 
On stage, the Edwina is a wonder.  With a full band, the vocals were clear and warm and the microphone never had any problems with feedback (unlike the dynamic mic on stage we used for backup, which proceeded to feedback until I turned it off).  The built-in pop filter works incredibly well, even at close proximity. 
Value:  Clear, bright highs with warm mids and body make the Edwina a top-notch studio condenser and with its elegant looks and feedback resistant-design, the Edwina is an outstanding live vocal mic.  If you’re looking for something unique and new for your vocal on stage, the Edwina is a perfect choice. 


For more information about the Edwina and other Ear Trumpet Labs products visit www.eartrumpetlabs.com


-Andy Toy


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