Emerging Voices

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Emerging Voices

Jesus Culture Music

The Jesus Culture Music label has pulled together Emerging Voices to display just that: four up-and-coming, emerging worship leaders pouring out their hearts to God in 10 original worship songs on this live album recorded in Redding, California. With a similar sound to past Jesus Culture projects, listeners can be guaranteed a worshipful album with content that will enliven any church on a Sunday morning, creating an atmosphere that allows congregations to open up in a time of call and response to God. Derek Johnson, Mary Kat Ehrenzeller, Nate Ward, and Justin Jarvis deliver the message of grace and love with inspiring lyrics and a moving sound using inventive lead synth and guitar lines, heart-thumping bass drum, and beautiful melodies that are unforgettable.

More: Emerging Voices is a great combination of both the solemn and the celebratory.  This album is one full hour of a time of worship to God, rising and falling dynamically and musically where appropriate. From bursts of sound and energy to calm and contemplative quietness, simplifying to one guitar and hundreds of voices singing out, this album is an enjoyable listen in any setting but best suited for the church.

Less: With ten songs on their album all being well over five minutes, the leisurely listener may become disinterested. However, when engaged in worship these songs are perfect in length.

Rating: 3.5 stars
Lindsay Young

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