Endless Praise

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Here to sweep listeners into endless praise and all-out worship, Planetshakers’ 26th live recording brings the percussive, drum-heavy mix-up of genres within and between songs we’ve come to expect, but bumps it up a notch with feel-good fervor balanced by a heavy dose of gentle and heartfelt love. Planetshakers music, rife with unbridled energy, seismic emotion, percolating power pop, rock, and rhythm, electronic dance, and huge anthemic choruses, all deftly woven together with perfectly placed ballads, hasn’t lost its sheen. In the ardent abandon category, they rival Jesus Culture on songs like “Kiss Towards” and “Leave Me Astounded” and invoke a retro Newsboy vibe meets James Brown on songs such as “Oh Your Love.” Irrepressible danceability beckons on the title track, “Turn It Up” and “Dance,” among many others. Modern rocker “We Are Free” has a Leelandesque lilt, and lyrics on “Set Me Ablaze” recalls the classic “Light the Fire Again.” “No Other Name,” “Made for Worship,” and “Unto God” are all emotion-packed and scripturally-based. Overall, the lyrical content is meaningful but light, and the only piece of the puzzle that could take the whole project to another level.

Keyed for congregational worship, with realistic ranges, most songs should be accessible vocally and melodically, although few churches have the musical arsenal represented here. Yet, these songs can be adapted to the range or limits of your team. And a plus, the often left out Holy Spirit is included prominently on songs such as “Abide With Me,” a prayer of longing directed to the Holy Spirit, as is “Leave Me Astounded.”

Top Songs

Most Singable: “Made for Worship,” “We Are Free,”

Strong Biblical Content: “Unto God”—Proclamations about and attributions of God throughout Scripture—and in other worship songs—especially Psalms and Revelation

The Whole Package: “Made for Worship,” “Turn It Up,” “No Other Name,” “Praise You Lord.”

Resources Available: Selected chord charts at WeAreWorship.com and videos on YouTube. 

 4.5 Stars
Andrea Hunter 


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