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Word Entertainment

If you are looking for a great summer musical discovery, the debut release on Word Entertainment by band Everfound is the perfect choice. Comprising four brothers originally from Russia, this Denver, Colorado, based band infuses tastes of their birth country into their first major label self-titled release.

The haunting prelude, “Pyatigorsk,” sets the listener up for the pop-flavored succession that follows. It is just enough to elicit a “pause and wonder” at exactly what you’ve gotten into when the synth-pop of Everfound’s rhythm section launches the song “Go.” The remainder of the album is an exploration of the familiar, while never being redundant or boring. Lyrically, Everfound is overtly Christian-influenced and uplifting, a slight departure from their previous independent releases.

More: The 2 Russian imbued tracks, “Pyatigorsk” and “Lubit Lish Hristos Bezmerna,” are beautiful tributes to the bands roots. While not long, each track is placed perfectly to propel the CD forward.

Less: The addition of an acoustic track or a capella track would have taken this album to the next level.

Randy W. Cross
3 stars

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