ExaltNow 1.5 Review

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Price: $99
Function: Powerpoint Worship Plugin for PC
What’s New:  ExaltNow 1.5 is a brand new software plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint designed specifically for worship services.  The plugin gives PowerPoint a ton of additional features including countdown timers, text over video, and integration with CCLI Song Select.  The text over video is a huge advancement for PowerPoint users, giving the look of commercial presentation software and adding an entirely different look and feel to a worship service.  One of the best features of ExaltNow 1.5 is the worship song builder.  The interface with CCLI Song Select allows the user to not only browse their database of songs, but also to determine how each song is constructed, for example, if you want to display verse 1 and 3 of a song, all you have to do is click on the verse 1 button and verse 3 button, and the lyrics automatically insert into your slide show.  This takes tricky copy/paste formatting out of the picture and allows for simple setup and changes on the fly.  ExaltNow gives PowerPoint the options and features of much more expensive software at just $99 for three computer licenses.  Included in the purchase are 30 high quality video loop backgrounds, and more backgrounds can be purchased if needed.  ExaltNow 1.5 is currently only available for PC, but does have a version for Mac OS and still provides text over video and CCLI Song Select integration, but has limited options for additional customization. Overall, ExaltNow 1.5 is an outstanding resource for churches that use PowerPoint to project lyrics and sermon notes, providing an excellent product at a low, one time price.  For more information about ExaltNow visit http://www.exaltnow.com
-Andy Toy


ExaltNow 1.5 For PowerPoint Introduction from ExaltNow on Vimeo.

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